Fungal Infections and Thickened Nails

Fungal nails are often unsightly and can become painful if untreated. The nail can either become very thick or it can become weak and brittle, resulting sometimes in breakage. This is caused by fungi that manage to get under the nail and eventually causing the nail bed to be difficult to treat. However, you do not have to lose this nail. At Heal’n Toes, I have treatments that can stop this deterioration.


  • Keep feet clean and dry.
  • Get an assessment from a Registered Foot Health Practitioner.

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Elaine Woods - Heal'n'Toes

Elaine Woods
RN, Pg Dip M.H, S.A.C Dip RFHP
Registered Foot Health Practitioner


Welcome to Heal’n Toes in Broughty Ferry, Dundee. I’m Elaine Woods and I opened my Foot Health Practitioner Clinic to provide a professional, comprehensive foot care service which is friendly, personalised and affordable for a range of clients with a range of foot health conditions.


As a registered Foot Health Practitioner (FHP), I am qualified to provide regular foot care and maintenance for your feet. I can assess the condition of your feet and treat any problems with the appropriate measures.


With me, Elaine, your feet really are in safe hands. I want to help you feel better by making your feet happy again.